Roberto Carlos Garcia

The Boiler Journal

2 Poems: "Drive" & "Traffic"

Luna Luna 

2 Poems: "Elegy In Which I Rename A City For You" & "Elegy In Which We Are Like Quantum Theory"

Public Pool: 

2 Poems: "No currency" & "Savior Complex"

Tuesday; An Art Project

1 Poem: “If my name was Yusef Aziz”

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1 Poem: “A riot in images”

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Love You Madly: Poetry About Jazz

3 Poems: "Jihad," "Yusef observes the photo of Trane..." & "Plum Blossom"!blank/mqp5p


1 Poem: “I cannot write anything”

Lunch Ticket

1 Poem: “What can I tell you? (An ars poetica)”

The Acentos Review

3 Poems: “The angry Black man,” “Identity repair poem,” & “Casta”

Connotation Press: An Online Artifact 

2 Poems & Interview: “Poem for Uncle Jaime” & “Back to School”

Poets & Artists

1 Poem “Art imitating death”

Pluck! The Journal of Affrilachian Arts & Culture

1 Poem “Duplicity" 

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Levure Litteraire

3 poems “A dream about my pop,” “I keep dreaming,” & “The dead send dreams”