Roberto Carlos Garcia

A Book Review of Roberto Carlos Garcia's Melancolía by Marina Carreira.

"Part history lesson, part memoir, and part love letter, Roberto Carlos Garcia’s black/Maybe: An Afro Lyric explores identity, belonging, and race with grace and frankness." 

"Contemporary poets like Danez Smith, Claudia Rankine, Nicole Homer, Patricia Smith, and a bevy of other brilliant minds have written (and continue to write) poetry about the neo-American subjugation and murder of brown and black bodies. How simply living is a political act, an act of rebellion. Roberto Carlos Garcia has added to the conversation, but in a new mode."

A Book Review of Roberto Carlos Garcia's black / Maybe by Donna Vorreyer.

A Necessary Everyman: A Book Review of Roberto Carlos Garcia’s Melancolía By Tamara Hart

"This collection of poetry is not overtly political and that is where its radical power lies.  Garcia manages to paint a portrait of a man, who is in a way an “everyman”- father, husband, son, dreamer, mower of his lawn - a man longing for the “want” and stuck in the “should.”